Introducing GENESIS Antimicrobial

Welcome to the home of the world’s first natural and silver free defense against odor and microbes. Finally, you can armor your products against viruses, bacteria and odor – all while limiting your contribution to environmental destruction and microbe resistance.

Join the fight against odor and microbes with GENESIS today!

To learn more about how GENESIS works hard to protect your products, explore the power of hydrogen peroxide and find out why GENESIS is the first to bring this powerful, yet natural, tool into the antimicrobial marketplace.

Why should you choose GENESIS?

We break it down for you here, including revealing our test results.  In short – GENESIS is the best choice for your products because it is strong, long-lasting and eco-friendly.

We are committed to a better world, in everything we do.

GENESIS Antimicrobial is an Algix brand, a clean technology company that focuses on producing sustainable products. At Algix, we are committed to Life Cycle Thinking and further improving our products in order to produce more with less and to ensure sustainable resource use while alleviating the stress on the environment.